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Established with the experienced engineers who are working in various fields, we undertake to provide our customers with the products and service quality at the most reasonable cost.

With the strengths of Technology and Manufacturing, we have been manufacturing and supplying a variety of machinery, equipment and tools for the processing industries especially kinds of construction steel pre-processing machines (automatic stirrup bender machine, rebar bending and cutting machines) and hydraulic machines using automatic control technology.

With great and sustainable relationships with home and abroad business partners as well as reputable manufacturers, we import all kinds of goods, machinery, equipment, and spare parts in order to supply for industries, mechanical engineering, and construction in Vietnam. In addition, our company purchase all kinds of goods manufactured in Vietnam for export.

With the slogan: “Quality is top priority, Customer is first”

Main goods and services that we have strengths of supply in this period include:

  • Construction steel processing machinery and equipment: Automatic Stirrup Bender, Rebar Cute, Rebar Bender Machine.
  • Outsourcing Services providing hoops, processing bar bending and cutting for construction works.
  • Maintenance and repair services.
  • Technical consultancy, design for upgrading (old) manual control machines into automatic machines.
  • Design and manufacture of machinery and equipment as ordered.
  • Research and transfer of new technologies.
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Hong Phuc Lam Co., Ltd